Sun Polymers Announces New Facility in Mooresville

Jul 9, 2020

Sun Polymers International INC has initiated construction of a new 20,000 square foot warehouse and raw material unloading facility. The construction is well underway and should be completed by Fall of 2020. This addition enhances sourcing of key feedstock raw materials by rail car rather than dedicated tank wagons and semi-truck deliveries. It has been engineered to allow for easy transfer of feedstock raw materials to the manufacturing plant which is immediately adjacent to the new building to support polyester resin production. The existing rail line extension on the property has been modified to allow a maximum of four rail cars at any one time on the property.

At the beginning of the 2020 calendar year, Sun Polymers International INC embarked on further commercial emphasis of the acrylic resin product line. With the anticipated selling demand of these products, the additional space will also allow for substantially more storage of acrylic resin inventories that our affiliated company Chan Sieh Enterprises produces in Taiwan.

Click Here to download the satellite view of our new location

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