Powder Coating Resins

You use powder coatings because they provide better performance than liquid paint. They offer superior color retention and better resistance to chipping, scratching, and corrosion. In addition, their best feature is they offer environmental advantages over liquid paint.

Key to a Superior Powder:

The key to getting a superior powder coating is to start with a superior polyester resin as your base component. With Sun Polymers, you’re getting a outstanding quality product and you’re getting it consistently due to our stringent quality controls.

Our Powder Coating Products

We offer both polyester and acrylic resins.


  • Standard Durable – for coating items with standard outdoor exposure. These are suitable for crosslinking with TGIC, HAA, and blocked isocyanate.
  • Super Durable – for increased color and gloss retention with exterior use. These are also suitable for crosslinking with TGIC, HAA, and blocked isocyanate.
  • Hybrid – a mixture of polyester and epoxy resins for interior applications, like furniture. They react with epoxy resins at 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30 polyester/epoxy ratios.


  • GMA Acrylic Resins – These have epoxide functional groups that can react with either epoxy functional or COOH functional crosslinkers, or resins.
  • Carboxyl or Acid Functional Acrylics – These resins have COOH groups and typically would be reacted to TGIC or HAA crosslinkers. You can also formulate them with many other specialty materials that adequately react with the acid groups on the polymer.
  • Hydroxyl Functional Acrylics – These have OH groups in them and are typically reacted to isocyanate curatives.
  • Styrene Free Carboxyl – This is a unique class that exhibits higher weathering characteristics than any other of the three acrylic sub-categories.

Powder Coating Resin Product Types

TGIC Polyester - Super Durable

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HAAM Polyester

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Styrene Carboxyl Acrylic

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TGIC Polyester - Standard Durable

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Urethane Polyester

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GMA Acrylic Copolymers

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Hybrid Polyester

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Hydroxyl Acrylics

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Extraordinary Quality Control That Sets Us Apart

We ensure you get a consistently good product because we Q-PANEL test every batch. We spray out and cure every batch to check for solvent-resistance and flexibility.

We also do a dry blend study. When you blend two powders together there’s always a potential for variance in measures because reactivity is not identical. The only way to detect that is through a dry study.

Many manufacturers only measure the physical properties of the resin, but we want to see the outcome for ourselves.

Our products consistently perform as promised – because we test them to make sure they do!

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