Mike McQuade Joins Sun Polymer International

May 22, 2020

Mike McQuade joined Sun Polymers International on January 1st 2020. He comes to Sun Polymers with years of experience in sales for various C.A.S.E. and Ink raw material suppliers. Radcure (Allnex), Sartomer and Estron Chemical to name a few. He has specialized in Acrylates for UV curing, Acrylics for liquid paints, coatings and Powder coatings. He is the Business Development Manager for the Acrylic line. This line of products is being sold under the Chan Sieh Enterprises designation which is the parent company of Sun. Chan Sieh Enterprises has been selling these products since 1972 in Asia, Europe and the US. Sun will be making an effort to re-introduce these products in the U.S. and have Mike focused on growing their name recognition and market share.

Please check out the Acrylic tab on the website for more information regarding Sun Polymer’s Acrylic line of products.   

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